2 inch slogo red 300 dpi

In 2013 The Alliance for Round, Traditional, and Square Dance (ARTS-Dance) created a re-imaging committee to develop a new modern image which would represent their dancing. Jim and Judy Taylor headed up the committee and soon there were many volunteers from all walks of the dance community. One of the tasks they took on was choosing a new logo/symbol/trademark and a slogan.

A little while before this, the British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation decided to commission the design of a new and more modern logo that any square dance club or organization could use at no charge on their promotion materials. Several graphic artists were approached but they couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around the concept that square dancing could be thought of as ‘modern’ Eventually they were excited to obtain a great design from a graphic artist named Zackery Turner. (Zackery is the son of Williams Lake, B.C. square dance caller, Nick Turner. Zackery grew up in Williams Lake, B.C. but now lives and works in Oklahoma.) Their new logo was not designed to replace the logos of any existing organization but rather it was to be a marketing logo. It is simply a tool to give a bit of a modern look to posters or advertisements etc. The plan was that this logo would not represent any specific club or organization but rather the ‘brotherhood of square dancers around the world’ so to speak, including umbrella groups of square dancers and round dancers.

This Logo was adopted by ARTS. Next, the CALLERLAB Marketing Committee, chaired by Mike Hogan, came up with a slogan to be used in conjunction with the logo. The slogan is "Live Lively-Square Dance!" As Mike explains it, "Lively is an adjective that means full of life and energy, active and outgoing, energetic, animated, spirited, vivacious, enthusiastic, vibrant, exuberant, cheerful, zestful, and exciting." Just the people we want!

This logo and slogan can now be obtained in many formats: pins, car window stickers, shirts, belt buckles, bolos, business cards, etc. Dance groups are encouraged to use the logo and slogan in the dance material they distribute and to use products having the slogo to present this new image to the public.

Below are links to sites pertaining to the slogo.

bullet The ARTS page giving status about the re-imaging. Also find links to information about other re-imaging information.

bullet CCNJ smaller (600 pixels/2 inch wide, 300 dpi) versions of the logo and slogos in plain black and with red center. To download the .jpg file, right click on the image in your browser and in the menu click to save the image. These images can be used where a small slogo, 2 inch or smaller, is needed. See below for .zip files with the larger images.

2 inch slogo red 300 dpi       2 inch slogo red 300 dpi       2 inch slogo red 300 dpi       2 inch slogo red 300 dpi       2 inch slogo red 300 dpi       2 inch slogo red 300 dpi      

bullet Larger 20 inch, 300dpi .jpg files in .zip format suitable for larger items like signs.
20 inch, 300dpi square dance logo black and red, 647KB
20 inch, 300dpi square dance square dance slogo black and red, 1,408KB
20 inch, 300dpi round dance round dance slogo black and red, 1,404KB

bullet The British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation page with details about the logo and slogan. This page also has a link to the site where you can color in your own slogo. ARTS requests that you keep the form of the slogo identical to theirs but notes you can change the colors.

bullet CCNJ coloring book. Using Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera Browsers you can color your own 2 inch logo, print it, or save it as a .png file. The coloring book does not work with the Chrome Browser.

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