The CCNJ - ARTS SLOGO Coloring Book
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To print just the picture click the "print" button. To save the image as a .png image click "Save" and then right click on the window that pops up and click on "save image" button*. To color a different picture select it from the picture drop down box on the left (see the arrow). If you paint a part of the picture and then don't like it, click the "undo" button. The original .gif files are 600 pixels at 300 dpi. The resulting .png and .jpg files are of lower resolution.

*To change a .png to a .jpg file in Windows right click on the .png file and then select "Open With" "Paint". When Paint opens click on "File" and then "Save As". Then next to the "Save As Type" box click on the down arrow and select .jpg from the menu.

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