The Callers' Council of New Jersey (CCNJ) holds regular meetings 4 times a year on the second Saturday of March, June, September, and December. The meetings are held at the Fairfield Reformed Church, 360 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ. The church is basically about 1 mile west of the Willowbrook Mall. Meetings start at 9:30 with an hour long educational session followed by a business meeting that is usually less than an hour.


In 2016 the meetings are

Sat. March 12 - Betsy Gotta - Keep the Dancers Moving. Volunteers use 2 specified calls and keep the dancers moving. No resolution required.
Sat. June 11 - Betsy Gotta - Body flow and hand availability. Bring some of your dances to analyze.
Sat. Sept. 10 - Degree of Difficulty Examples
December 10 - TBD - Note this meeting will be at the First Baptist Church of New Brunswick, 226 Hale St., New Brundwick, NJ.

In 2015 the meetings were

Sat. March 14 - Betsy Gotta - Favorite Dances for a Barn Dance
Sat. June 13 - Betsy Gotta - the CALLERLAB recommended teaching order and a 50 call condensed list.
Sat. September 12 - Gardner Patton - Classic modern western singing calls not done these days (such as: Running Bear, False Hearted Girl, Storms Never Last, Pussycat, ...) We will dance the dances and analyze the choreography to see what makes them unique, and consider if they could be called today.
December 12 - Condensed Teaching Order - A discussion of our recent experience teaching it

In 2014 the meetings were

March 8 - Dot Coy - Line dance workshop
June 8 2:00(note changed day and time but same location) - Betsy Gotta - Quick sight resolution
September 13 - Don Coy - More on quick sight resolution
December 13- Betsy Gotta - Moving dancers between 6 different formations

In 2013 the meetings were

March 9 - Computer Checker Movers Hands On (Callarama, Caller's Angels, SD)
June 8 - Traditional dances used for party nights - bring your favorite to share
September 14 - Dan Koft - Teaching order and teaching methods
December 14- Betsy Gotta - Dances for students partially through a Program

In 2012 the meetings were

March 10 - Get outs
June 9 - Betsy Gotta - Working Together in Groups
September 8 - Discussion - Aquiring more dancers by introducing a destination Program below Mainstream. - Gardner Patton
                    Multi-Cycle Program X Plan resulting from meeting.
December 8 - Betsy Gotta - Reading the Floor

In 2011 the meetings were

March 12 - John Kaltenthaler - Working with someone
June 11 - Ron Kapnick - Get ins
September 10 [MEETING POSTPONED BECAUSE OF FLOODING to Sunday October 30th at 2:00.]
December 10 - Betsy Gotta/Wes Thielke - Zeros

In 2010 the meetings were

March 13 - Ron Kapnick - Party Dances
June 12 - Betsy Gotta - Problem Choreography (bring some to analyze)
September 11 - John Kaltenthaler - Formation and arrangement creation exercise
December 11 - Don Coy - How to work with a live band and make records

In 2009 the meetings were

March 14 - Betsy Gotta - Programming for a Club Dance
June 13 - Betsy Gotta - Formation Management or "How Do I Get Out Of This"
September 12 - John Kaltenthaler - Ways to create lines, columns, and waves.
December 12 - Betsy Gotta - Music

In 2008 the meetings were

March -
June - Gotta - Business side of calling
September - Kaltenthaler - Smooth dancing and degree of difficulty
December - Jacobs - Under utilized mainstream calls

In 2007 the meetings were

March - Gotta - Music
June - Gotta - Timing
September - Pasvolsky - Historical and traditional dances
December - Gotta - our Favorite Module

In 2006 the meetings were

March - ?
June - Gotta - Modules
September - Pasvolsky - Traditional Dances
December - Gotta - New Technology

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Directions to CCNJ Meetings

bullet From the West:
I-80 East to 46 East (Exit 47b), exit at Hollywood Avenue, right onto Hollywood, left at stoplight, which is Fairfield Road. You can see the church steeple from here.

bullet From the East:
I-80 West to Exit 52, right at stop sign on Two Bridges Road, past two stoplights, over Route 46 to next stoplight, turn right onto Fairfield Road. OR Route 46 West to exit for Passaic Ave / Two Bridges Road, left at stoplight, over Route 46 to next stoplight, turn right onto Fairfield Road.

bullet From the South (Caldwells):
Passaic Avenue North to stoplight at New Dutch Lane (airport on left), turn left, New Dutch Lane to stoplight at Fairfield Road, turn right.

Additional info call: Gardner 908-722-0562

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Fairfield Reformed Church, 360 Fairfield Road, Fairfield, NJ

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