CCNJ Education Session

Transparent Tips - March 9,2019

The purpose of this session was to try to determine what is going through a callers mind as they call a tip. The caller for this session was Betsy Gotta. First she called a tip which was videoed (see video below). Then the tip was played back and different parts of the tip were analyzed. As a part of the tip was played she explained what she was thinking at that time and she explained why she called what she did. Those listening were able to ask questions so they could understand exactly what was going on.

Note that seven of the dancers were boys so that made things a little tricky. A second camera was used to video the process and to make this web page. The video that was made by this camera has been edited and shortened just to give an idea of what went on. The whole tip is shown but only part of the analysis. The video can be seen at the bottom of this page.

Before starting the tip Betsy identified the girls, since there were seven men and one woman with three men dancing the woman’s part. Then she "broke down the corners" as she normally does. Then she began the call.

The calls for the tip are provided below. Some of the calls would cause average dancers to fail since they were left handed. The theme of the dance is Linear Cycle. Words in parenthesis below were part of the analysis from the session.

Heads Pass the Ocean, Ping Pong Circulate Extend, Linear cycle, reverse Flutter Wheel ladies lead Dixie Style, Boys Trade, Left Swing Thru Linear Cycle (left), (At this point some may not have done the left Linear Cycle properly and are half sashayed, so the next calls fix that) Pass Through, Girls Fold (this resolves the some sashayed problem) Touch ¼, (this gets normal waves with men on end, girls center) Centers Trade, Spin the Top Recycle, Pass Thru, Tag the Line, Face In Pass The Ocean, Recycle, Square Thru 3, Trade By Swing Thru, Boys Run, Ferris Wheel Center four Pass the Ocean Same four Explode and Star Thru, back away you’re home Side two pass thru, separate around 1 to a line Pass Thru, Tag the Line, Face Right Centers Trade, Bend the Line Pass the Ocean Carefully, Boys Run Reverse the Flutter Wheel left Pass the Ocean, (the next call is to see if Linear Cycle is done correctly, it had been walked through previously) Linear Cycle when the girls meet girls hold the wave very center Girls Trade, Girls Swing Thru All Scoot Back, girls go back to wave Girls Explode the Wave, Boys U-Turn Back Girls Separate go around 1 squeeze in make a line

(we have boy girl girl boy lines, now we need to normalize) Forward and Back, Touch ¼, (to get normal girl boy column ) Circulate (don’t do boys run because you would have completed dbl pass thru and you couldn’t do much from there) Girls U-Turn back, Double Pass Thru Track Two, Recycle, Veer Left (here she saw couples close to home and decided to resolve) Circulate ½, Bend the Line, you’re Home Sides Right and Left Thru, Side Ladies lead Dixie Style (the next stuff is all leftie) All Extend Left, Centers Trade, Left Swing Thru Left Hand Hinge, Trade the Wave, (the trade the wave made things rightie but girls are on end) Carefully recycle Go Forward and Back, Pass Thru (now in case the recycle went bad) Girls Fold, Touch ¼, Girls Trade Recycle, Veer Left, Couples Circulate Ferris Wheel, Center 4 Swing Thru Everybody Extend, Hinge, Everybody Face Right Swing Thru, Boys Run, Chase Right Scoot Back, Hinge, Girls Trade to other End Boys Run, Girls Trade, Bend the Line Pass Thru, Wheel and Deal, (We could do a Square Through 3 here to Allemande Left) Center 4 Pass the Ocean, Those Girls Trade Those 4 Recycle, Back Away, You’re Home