Programming June 12, 2004

At the June 12, 2004 meeting the educational session was on programming. Many of the thoughts presented are collected below.


1. Program your music for each dance. Does the club have a theme? Is there a Holiday?

2. Play cheerful songs at the beginning. Set the tone for the evening.

3. Vary your music, fast/slow, western/alternate, use different beats, different instruments.

4. Match the music for your patter to your singer.

5. If doing alternate plus and mainstream make music varied across the programs.


1. Check your contract to see what is required.

A. Is there a workshop tip? what have they done?

B. is there a 1/2 hour of Plus before Mainstream?

C. Is it alternating Plus and Mainstream?

2. What calls are they having trouble with.

A. Examples - turn thru, fold, cross run, pass thru around 2, recycle with men in middle

B. Work up to a call - Fold, then cross fold, then recycle with men in middle or walk and dodge - men facing girls back, men facing mens backs, men facing girls.

C. Have an emphasis call and do it from many positions.

D. For less trouble use modules not sight calling.

Multiple Caller Dance

1. Use singing calls from the A list for comfort.

2. Have multiple selections ready.

3. Don't use a new call you are not familiar with.


1. Let the dancers succeed.

2. Put the dancers ahead of your ego.

3. Don't show what you know, let the dancers have fun.

4. Be cheerful, laugh.

5. Talk to the back of the room.

6. Let the dancers sing along, don't sing solo.

7. Build excitement with your voice, but don't yell.

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